04 Dairy produce; birds' eggs; natural honey; edible products of animal origin, not elsewhere specified or included

Sub Chapter
0407 Birds' eggs, in shell; fresh, preserved or cooked

Sub Heading

0407119000 OTHER



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Country GroupGroup DescriptionActivityTariff RateUnitValid FromValid To
CDGCustoms Duty GeneralImportFREEKG30-03-202031-12-9999
EU-PREFEU Preferential RateImportFREEKG30-03-202031-12-9999
EFTA-PREFEFTA Preferential RateImportFREEKG30-03-202031-12-9999
SADC-PREFSADC Preferential RateImportFREEKG30-03-202031-12-9999
MERC-PREFMERCOSUR - Preferential RateImportFREEKG30-03-202031-12-9999
VATValue Added TaxImport15%KG30-03-202031-12-9999



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Product NameProduct familyProduct technical nameBrand nameCommentsFile
Fertile EggsDairy Produce; birds eggs; natural honey; edible products of animalOther


Name Type Agency Description Comments Law Validity
Veterinary Import Permit for Live Animals and Animal Products Permit Requirement Department of Veterinary and Livestock Services This is a permit for importing live animals and animal products. This process represents the procedure for obtaining a permit to import live animals/animal products. The permit various for the particular animal/animal product being imported, e.g. live animals, processed meats, products of animal origin etc. with each permit being a formal document, serialized with a different format. Importation is subject to compliance with relevant import requirements, as stipulated on veterinary import permit. The permit is obtained from the Department of Veterinary and Livestock headquarters and at four regional offices, with permits for products of animal origin issued at the Public Health Office in Manzini. Certain products of meat origin are subject to quota controls, these are administered by NAMBOARD with the NAMBoard Import Permit required prior to application for the Veterinary import permit. Similarly, for all dairy products the Trader should have obtained a dairy produce import permit from SDB prior to submission for the Veterinary import permit. The permit has a validity of 30 days from date of issue and most often for one consignment only (although the permit may be valid for more than one consignment as stated on the permit itself). The average time for processing a permit from time of application to issue is within an hour subject to all information being available at time of application. There is a charge of SZE 30 per permit, with a SZE 10 charge only for live animals. Payment can be made at the Department and through purchase of fiscal stamp at the post office, respectively. The permit is obtained from the Department of Veterinary and Livestock headquarters and at regional veterinary offices found in all four regional offices. Application is made in person by interview with the clerk of the department. There is no formal application form to complete or request letter required. The Animal Diseases Act, 1965 31-12-2030