The Export Credit Guarantee Scheme (ECGS)

The Export CreditGuarantee Scheme (ECGS) was established in order to promote the country's export trade. The scheme was placed under the Central Bank of Eswatini (CBE) for administration purposes. The objective of ECGS is to facilitate Eswatini exporters to obtain loans from commercial banks at concessionary rates of interest and, without undue limitation to the collateral that exporters can afford when applying for loans. Moreover, the purpose of the ECGS is to enable small and medium size exporters to obtain finance from commercial banks at concessionary interest rates, amongst other things exporters.

Exporters have to meet the CBEs requirements in order to benefit from the scheme. Some of the requirements include submitting complete project proposals to their respective banks, including export orders, contracts or letters of credit indicating clearly the list of customers and the volume of export trade anticipated; budgets and cash flow projections revealing the future prospect of the business, as well as the capacity to adequately service the loan(s); and audited accounts and financial statements including the balance sheet for the previous financial period, amongst other things.

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Small Scale Enterprise Scheme

The small-scale enterprise scheme was established to promote increased participation of Eswatini nationals in the economic growth of the country, in particular in sectors of industry suitable for small-scale operations and to improve their competitive position. Moreover, the scheme was established to stimulate efficient localization of small-scale business especially in small-scale industry, agriculture, commerce, tourism, construction and services and byproviding adequate capital to take over existing shops and workshops or to establish new ones.

The target group of scheme are small-scale Eswatini enterprises that are start-ups or already engaged in industry, agriculture, commerce, tourism, construction and services, and comply with the criteria set forward by the Fund to be eligible for credit under the scheme. The small-scale enterprise scheme is accessible through banks.

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