Legal Document

Title: Legal Notice No. 60 Of 2000
Type: Act
Issuing Agency: Ministry of Finance
Responsible Agency: Ministry of Finance
Issuing Date: 01-01-2000

Legal Notice No. 60 Of 2000

The Import Control Order, 1976
(Order No. 12 of 1976)

Goods Requiring Import Permits Specification Notice, 2000
(Under section 3)

In exercise of the powers conferred by section 3 of the Import Control Order, 1976. the
Minister for Finance after consultation with stakeholders hereby specifies that no goods, save the
following goods, shall require an import permit to be imported into Swaziland -

Used Motor Vehicles

Used Earthmoving Equipment

Used Clothing

Used Tyres/Tyre Casings

Used Footwear

Used Textiles

Mineral Fuels

Mineral Oils

Automotive Parts



Gold and Other Precious Metals

Wild Animals Products

Agricultural Products (wheat, flour, dairy, maize, rice)

Electrical Appliances

The above is subject to changes on frequent basis due to market distortions and stages of trade

Minister for Finance

The Government Printer, Mbabane


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