The Agreement covers trade in goods and lays the foundation for a further engagement of the Parties with regard to intellectual property, investment, trade in services and public procurement. A Joint Committee is established for the supervision and administration of the Agreement, and provisions are included providing for consultations and dispute settlement procedures. Agreement available here

The Agreement contains the following Articles; 

Article 1 Objectives

Article 2 Trade and Economic Relations Governed by this


Article 3 Geographical Scope

Article 4 Relation to other International Agreements

Article 5 Preferential Agreements with Third Countries

Article 6 Scope

Article 7 Rules of Origin and Administrative Co-operation

Article 8 Customs Duties

Article 9 Basic Duties

Article 10 Import and Export Restrictions

Article 11 National Treatment

Article 12 State Trading Enterprises

Article 13 Technical Regulations, Standards and Conformity


Article 14 Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures

Article 15 Competition

Article 16 Subsidies

Article 17 Anti-Dumping

Article 18 Global safeguard Measures

Article 19 Emergency Action on Imports of Particular Products

Article 20 Agricultural Safeguard Measures

Article 21 Exceptional Measures in Case of Structural Adjustment

Article 22 Balance of Payments Difficulties

Article 23 General Exceptions

Article 24 Security Exceptions

Article 25 Special Treatment for Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia and


Article 26 Intellectual Property Rights

Article 27 Services

Article 28 Investment

Article 29 Government Procurement

Article 30 Objectives and Scope

Article 31 Methods and Means

Article 32 Fields of Co-operation

Article 33 The Joint Committee

Article 34 Procedures of the Joint Committee

Article 35 Consultations

Article 36 Provisional Measures

Article 37 Arbitration

Article 38 Evolutionary Clause

Article 39 Annexes

Article 40 Amendments

Article 41 Accession

Article 42 Withdrawal and Termination

Article 43 Entry into Force

Article 44 Depositary

Member Area

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