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Below is a list of articles in the SACU agreement;

Article 1 Definitions

Article 2 Objectives

Article 3 Establishment of the Customs Union

Article 4 Legal Status

Article 5 Membership

Article 6 Admission of New Members

Article 7 Establishment of Institutions

Article 8 Council of Ministers

Article 9 Customs Union Commission

Article 10 Secretariat

Article 11 Tariff Board

Article 12 Technical Liaison Committees

Article 13 Tribunal

Article 14 National Bodies

Article 15 General Consultations

Article 16 Quorum

Article 17 Decisions

Article 18 Free Movement of Domestic Products

Article 19 Goods Imported from outside the Common Customs Area

Article 20 Customs Duties on Imported Goods

Article 21 Specific Excise and ad valorem Excise Duties and Specific Customs and ad valorem Customs Duties on Imported Goods of the Same Class or Kind

Article 22 Legislation Relating to Customs and Excise Duties

Article 23 Customs Co-operation

Article 24 Freedom of Transit

Article 25 Import and Export Prohibitions and Restrictions

Article 26 Protection of Infant Industries

Article 27 Rail and Road Transport

Article 27 Rail and Road Transport

Article 29 Arrangements for Regulating the Marketing of Agricultural Products

Article 30 Sanitary and Phyto-Sanitary (SPS) Measures

Article 31 Trade Relations with Third Parties

Article 32 Pool Of Customs, Excise and Additional Duties

Article 33 Management of the Common Revenue Pool

Article 34 Revenue Sharing Formula

Article 35 Revenue Forecasting

Article 36 Trade Data Disputes

Article 37 Timing of Payments

Article 38 Industrial Development Policy

Article 39 Agricultural Policy

Article 40 Competition Policy

Article 41 Unfair Trade Practices

Article 42 Annexes

Article 43 Amendments

Article 44 Signature

Article 45 Ratification

Article 46 Entry Into Force

Article 47 Accession

Article 48 Depositary

Article 49 Withdrawal

Article 50 Transitional Provisions

Article 51 Termination of the 1969 SACU Agreement


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