The World Trade Organisation (WTO) was established in 1995 and Swaziland is a founder member. Some of the main features of the WTO are that, it supervises the liberalisation of international trade; provides a platform for negotiating and formalizing international agreements; and has a dispute settlement mechanism that ensures compliance to agreements among Members. The WTO Secretariat is in Geneva, Switzerland. Below, there is a list of articles in the agreement:

Part I

Article I - General Most-Favoured-Nation Treatment

Article II - Schedules of Concessions


Article III - National Treatment on Internal Taxation and Regulation

Article IV - Special Provisions relating to Cinematograph Films

Article V - Freedom of Transit         

Article VI - Anti-dumping and Countervailing Duties

Article VII - Valuation for Customs Purposes

Article VIII - Fees and Formalities connected with Importation and Exportation            

Article IX - Marks of Origin

Article X - Publication and Administration of Trade Regulations

Article XI - General Elimination of Quantitative Restrictions

Article XII - Restrictions to Safeguard the Balance of Payments          

Article XIII - Non-discriminatory Administration of Quantitative restrictions   

Article XIV - Exceptions to the rule of Non-discrimination       

Article XV - Exchange Arrangements              

Article XVI - Subsidies

Article XVII - State Trading Enterprises

Article XVIII - Governmental Assistance to Economic Development

Article XIX - Emergency Action on Imports of Particular Products       

Article XX - General Exceptions

Article XXI - Security Exceptions

Article XXII - Consultation

Article XXIII - Nullification of Impairment

Part III  

Article XXIV - Territorial Application _ Frontier Traffic _ Customs Unions and Free-trade Areas

Article XXV - Joint Action by the Contracting Parties  

Article XXVI - Acceptance Entry into Force and Registration     

Article XXVII - Withholding or Withdrawal of Concessions

Article XXVIII - Modification of Schedules

Article XXVIII bis - Tariff Negotiations

Article XXIX - The Relation of this Agreement to the Havana Charter    

Article XXX - Amendments   

Article XXXI - Withdrawal        

Article XXXII - Contracting Parties

Article XXXIII - Accession

Article XXXIV - Annexes

Article XXXV - Non-application of the Agreement between Particular Contracing Parties

PART IV Trade and Development

Article XXXVI - Principles and Objectives            

Article XXXVII - Commitments  

Article XXXVIII - Joint Action       

Annexes A to G _  Relating to Article I 

Annexe H  _ Relating to Article  XXVI

Annexe I _ Notes and Supplementary Provisions              

Information on the WTO including the status on the negotiations can be found at the following trade agreement:The WTO Agreement pdf

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