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Procedure NameStorage Approval
Procedure Name Import Permit for Live Animals and Animal Products


Import Permit

Responsible Agency       

Ministry of Agriculture
Address: The Director of  Veterinary and Livestock Services

P.O. Box 162

Mbabane, Eswatini

Phone: Headquarters - 2404 6363

Manzini Veterinary Offices – 25052270

Mbabane Veterinary Office – 24045776

Nhlangano Veterinary Office – 22077151/22078368

Siteki Veterinary Office – 23434268/23434272

Legal base of the Procedure

The Veterinary Public Health Act, 2013


 Any expenses incurred by the Director of Veterinary Services in connection with the detention, examination,inoculation,testing,cleaning,dipping or disinfection of such stock shall be borne by the person bringing or importing the stock intoEswatini

Required Documents


Type of information

1 Application for Approval form

Building designs, plans or sketches

3 Approved environmental impact assessment form

Certificate of Approval 


Codes for type of products of animal origin produced

Process Steps

Step 1

The owner shall, in writing submit an application for approval of the slaughter facility or establishment and the application shall be accompanied by the relevant document from the local authority. 

   Legal measure bases:

  1. Import procedures – Sect 22.3 Veterinary Public Health, 2013
  2. Approval of Establishment Sect 9 (1- 8) Veterinary Public Health, 2013

Step 2

Upon receiving the application for approval, the Director or his representative, shall make an onā€site inspection of the slaughter facility or establishment. 

   Legal measure  bases:

  1. Conditions and applications for importation – Sect 22 (2 to 10) Veterinary Public Health, 2013
  2. Inspections Sect 11 (1-2) 
  3. General requirements for establishments Sect 16
  4.  Specific requirements for establishments Sect 11.17 Veterinary Public Health, 2013
Step 3

 Notwithstanding any other law the Director shall issue a certificate of approval in respect of a slaughter facility or establishment used for primary production, if the Director is satisfied that the place to which the application concerned relates, has been carried out in accordance with the design drawings, sketches or plans which were approved in terms of section 8. 

       Legal measure bases:

  1. Conditions and applications for importation – Sect 22.10 Veterinary Public Health, 2013
  2. Delegation of powers and assignments Sect 6.
Step 4

When issuing a certificate of approval the Director shall, give each approved slaughter facility and establishment, including those with provisional approval, an approval number, to which codes may be added to indicate the types of products of animal origin produced. 




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