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Procedure NameImport/ Export Permit for Non-Precious Minerals



Responsible Agency   

Ministry of Natural Resources & Energy
Address: 3rd Floor Lilunga House,
Somhlolo Road,

Phone: +268 2404 4330


Legal base of the Procedure

Mines and Minerals Act,2011


 Free of charge

Required Documents


Type of information



Application Letter Other documents necessary for the application

Process Steps

Step 1

The applicant prepares the application letter

Step 2

The applicant submits the application with supporting documents to the department reception.

Step 3

The Technical Officer reviews the application,

- if satisfied issues Payment Slip

- if not satisfied returns application to applicant
Step 4 The applicant makes payment at the Revenue Office, receives Receipt
Step 5  The applicant returns to the Technical Officer and delivers the payment receipt as proof of payment
Step 6 The Technical Officer prepares the permit,
Step 7 AO signs and stamps
Step 8 Proceeds with customs import formalities.
Step 9  A copy of permit is filed by the department




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This procedure applies to the following measures
NameMeasure TypeAgencyDescriptionCommentsLegal DocumentValidity ToMeasure Class
Import/ Export Permit for Precious Metals / Stones Licensing RequirementMinistry of Natural Resources and EnergyIn particular the procedure of issuing Precious Metals/Stones Certificate of Origin (PMSGCO), security features, number of certificates issued are mandatory the Kingdom of Swaziland as a listed Precious Metals/Stones producing, manufacturing and trading country. For that reason, institutions and companies in Swaziland that handle or deal with Precious Metals/Stones are obliged to apply to the Precious Minerals Regulator to be issued a Precious Metals/Stones Certificate of Origin (PMSGCO) in addition to an export and import licence which authorise them to export and import Precious Metals/Stones as prescribed in the Mines and Minerals Act No. 4 of 2011 and regulations. Eligible companies that can apply for a Precious Metals/Stones Certificate of Origin (PMSGCO) are Precious Metals/Stones dealers; mineral concessions holders, smelters / refineries / cutters / polishers / valuators / traders/dealers licence holders. (a) In the instance that a Company intends to import or export a precious metals or stones, the Company shall apply in writing to the Commissioner of Mines (Office) for permission to import or export the precious metals/stones (goods). (b) On receipt of the application mentioned in 1(a) above, the Commissioner shall investigate and ensure that the source or destination of the goods falls within the jurisdiction of Conflict Free Affected or High Risk-Free Areas as defined by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) as a good practice. (c) In the case where the Commissioner finds that the importer or exporter falls under the jurisdiction of a non-High Risk-Free Area, the Commissioner shall decline to grant permission to import or export goods. (d) In the case where the Commissioner declines granting permission to import or export the goods, the Commissioner shall inform the Company in writing within fourteen (14) days of the decision and the reasons thereof. Mines and Mineral Act09-09-9999Good