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Procedure NameRegistration and Licencing of Firearms



Responsible Agency       

The Royal Eswatini Police
Address: The Royal Eswatini Police HeadQuarters                     
                 Mhlambanyatsi Road

                 Mbabane, Swaziland

Phone: (+268) 2404 2502


Legal base of the Procedure

Arms and Ammunitions Act No.24 of 1964


Licencing is E80 for a shot gun and E120 for the rest.  

Registration is E120 for  all firearms.



Required Documents


Type of information



Certificate of Registration

The firearm must also be brought when applying for a licence. 


Certificate of Inspection


Personal identification document

4 Current licence if paying for a different firearm



Process Steps

Step 1

The applicant goes to the Royal Eswatini Police headquarters to apply for a licence.

Step 2

The applicant submits all required documents, the firearm and makes payment of applicable processing fees. 

Step 3

The receiving officer fills in a Certificate of Inspection.

Step 4

If approved, the applicant then receives a lecence for a firearm. 




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This procedure applies to the following measures
NameMeasure TypeAgencyDescriptionCommentsLegal DocumentValidity ToMeasure Class
Licence of FirearmsLicensing RequirementThe Royal Eswatini Police ServiceEach gun owner needs a licence to own a firearm. The licence is applied for when registering the firearm. The materials needed include a certificate of registration of the firearm, a current firearm licence (if there is one), the firearm itself and a certificate of inspection, which is filled in while applying for the licence. If the firearm you are registering is not the first, then you bring your current licence for firearms as part of documents needed when getting a licence for a new firearm. The licence application is done only at a police station. The Arms And Ammunition Act, 196609-09-9999Good