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Procedure NameEquipment Type Approval/Acceptance Procedure


Electronic Communications Equipment Approval Certificate

Responsible Agency       

Eswatini Communications Commission
Address: Sibekelo Building, Fourth Floor North Wing, Mbabane, Eswatini

                  PO Box 7811,




Phone: (+268) 2404 7000


Legal base of the Procedure

Eswatini Communications Commissions Act, 2013

Electronic Communications Act, 2013

The Electronic Communications (Importation, Type Approval and Distribution of Communications Equipment) Regulation, 2016


 Charges apply to processing the certificate application and can vary up to E4000.



Required Documents


Type of information



Completed application form available from the Commission website 

The Commission is in the process of developing a software application to manage the application, processing and issue of certificates electronically but have yet to roll this system out.

2 Test report not older than 5 years
3 Technical specification, physical operational, installation and user information for equipment
4 Type approval request based on non-ETSI standard


Process Steps

Step 1

The applicant downloads an application form from the Commission website and completes. 


Step 2

The applicant submits the application together with the supporting documents to the Technical Services department. 

Step 3 The Technical Officer reviews the application, within six days

-if satisfied forwards to Finance Office who sends an invoice

-if application found to be incomplete or missing/incomplete information supplied returns application to applicant.

Step 4 

The applicant makes payment at the Finance Offices or through providing copy of EFT by email.

Finance Officer verifies payment and returns application to TO

Step 5 The Technical Officer prepares the Certificate and forwards to the General Manager  (Sign and stamp)..
Step 6 The TO sends a scanned copy of the certificate to the applicant, while hardcopy is posted.
Step 7 A copy of permit is filed by the department, with Commission website updated to add the new certificate details



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