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Procedure NameStock Quarantine Request


Import Permit

Responsible Agency       

Ministry of Agriculture
Address: Manzini Regional Veterinary Office
Regional Veterinary Officer
P.O. Box 4192

Tel: 2505 2270 or 2505 2650

Email: n/a

Legal base of the Procedure

 Animal Disease Act No. 7, 1965. 


 SZE Varies

Required Documents


Type of information

1 Application form


Description details of imported cattle

Process Steps

Step 1

Apply with the quarantine Master (Veterinary Officer) at Manzini at least a month before the intended date of quarantine.

Legal measure bases:

Importation of stock - Reg 6.7 & 6.8 ADA

Quarantine of stock – Reg 20  ADA

Step 2 The applicant interviews with the VO (Clerk), providing all necessary details of the intended import and any accompanying documents.
Step 3 The Issuing Department processes the application.
Step 5   A Quarantine request form will be signed (The quarantine request form is handed over to the Veterinary Officer on issue of the import permit)
Step 6  Applicant will be asked to pay for the blue eartags which will be used on the imported cattle.
Step 7 A copy of the quarantine form and related information are filed for record keeping



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