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Procedure NamePhytosanitary Certificate for Export of Plants and Plant Products

Phytosanitary Certificate for Export of Plants and Plant Products




Responsible Agency       

Ministry of Agriculture
Address: Malkerns Research Station,


Phone: (+268) 2527 4069


Legal base of the Procedure

Plant Health Protection Act, 2013


 Free of charge


Required Documents


Type of information



Import Permit from destination country

Other documents necessary for the appplication which may include an invoice. 


Process Steps

Step 1

The applicant visits the office of the National Plant Health Inspectorate Services

Step 2

The applicant meets with the Inspector, providing all necessary details of the intended phytosanitary certificate, including mandatory Import Permit of destination country.

Step 3

The Inspector processes the application, and conducts an inspection on the consignment being imported. It could either be brought to the DARSS offices in malkerns or the Inspector can go to where the consignment is. 

Step 4

If approved, the applicant receives 2 copies of certificate and may proceed with the exporting of the plants/plant products in accordance to customs formalities.

Step 5 

A copy of the permit and related information are filed for record keeping.






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Phytosanitary Certificate for Export of Plants/Plant ProductsSPS Department of Veterinary and Livestock ServicesThis process represents the procedure for obtaining a phytosanitary certificate for export of plants/plant products. This certificate is issued to ensure that plant and plant material are free from pests before they can be exported from Eswatini. The time for processing a phytosanitary certificate depends on the conditions stipulated on the import permit from the importing country. It is recommended that an exporter gives an allowance of 7 working days to process the document. This is due to the fact that the import permit may require the inspection of the consignment and this also may entail laboratory analysis or phytosanitary treatment of the product.The Plant Health Protection Act, 2013 09-09-9999Good