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Procedure NameRegistration of Motor Vehicles



Responsible Agency       

Ministry of Public Works and Transport 
Address:Ground Floor, Headquarters Building, Mhlambanyatsi Road Mbabane

               P.O. Box 58

Phone: (268) 2409 9000

Fax: (268) 2404 2364 / (268) 24045825



Legal base of the Procedure

 Road Traffic Act of 2007.

 Road Transportation Act of 2007.

 Road Safety Act of 1983.


 Fee amount is based on the type of vehicle you are registering


Required Documents


Type of information




Supporting documents depend on the nature of the vehicle. Whether it is new, second hand or imported.
2 Bill of Landing (For Imports)
3 Weighbridge Certificate (Imports)
4 Roadworthiness Certificate
5 Tax Clearance Certificate
6 Police Clearance Certificate
7  Customs Clearance Certificate

SARPCO Form (Second hand from South Africa)


Change of Ownership Form (Second hand)


Process Steps

Step 1


Submit all the documents required to register your vehicle depending on the category it falls in at the vehicle registration office.

Step 2 Complete an application form  
Step 3

Submit the completed application form along with all other required documents.

Step 4

Pay the registration fee (the amount is based on the type of vehicle you are registering)



The following form/s are used in this procedure
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This procedure applies to the following measures
NameMeasure TypeAgencyDescriptionCommentsLegal DocumentValidity ToMeasure Class
Registration of Imported Motor VehiclesRegistration RequirementEswatini Revenue AuthorityNo motor vehicle registering authority in Swaziland shall register any motor vehicle which has previously been registered in a territory outside Swaziland unless a certificate issued by an officer is produced stating that the requirements of this Act in respect of the importation of such vehicle have been complied with.Clearance certificate application should be made 2 days after declaration of importation at the point of entryThe Customs and Excise Act, 197109-09-9999Good
Motor vehicle temporary and special permits.Permit RequirementMinistry of Public Works and TransportA person who desires to operate a motor vehicle on a public road which has not been registered and licensed, which may not otherwise be so operated, may apply for a special permit.A temporary permit shall not be issued in respect of a motor vehicle imported by a person other than an importer; has been manufactured, built or imported by a manufacturer, builder or importer, unless a roadworthy certificate in respect of such motor vehicle is submitted.The Road Traffic Act, 200709-09-9999Good
Inspection of motor vehicleRegistration RequirementMinistry of Public Works and TransportThe Minister may appoint a juristic person or department of State as a testing station and such testing station shall be registered and graded in the prescribed manner upon compliance with the prescribed requirements.The Minister may appoint an agent to investigate and authorize the registration of all imported second-hand vehicle to establish their history and value, and the availability of their spare parts. The Road Traffic Act, 200709-09-9999Good
Prohibition of motor vehicles Registration RequirementMinistry of Public Works and TransportAn imported second-hand vehicle for use as public transport to convey passengers shall not be older than five years at the date of purchase.The vehicle cannot be registered under these conditions.The Road Traffic Act, 200709-09-9999Good
Motor vehicle roadworthy certificateRegistration RequirementMinistry of Public Works and TransportA person shall not operate a motor vehicle on a public road if such motor vehicle is not in a roadworthy condition.This certification is provided by the Royal Eswatini Police ServiceThe Road Traffic Act, 200709-09-9999Good