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Procedure NameImport/export Permit of Seeds


Import / Export Permit

Responsible Agency       

Seed Quality Control Services
Address: Within the Ministry of Agriculture that is located at the Malkerns Research Station

Phone: +268 25274072


Legal base of the Procedure

 Seeds and Plant Varieties Act of 2000


 Free of charge

Required Documents


Type of information



Application Letter

Draft an Application letter

Process Steps

Step 1

Write an plication letter directed to the Department of Agricultural Research

Step 2

After checking the documents and product issues a stamp/sticker and places on the application letter for the Department of Agricultural Research & Specialist Services to subsequently

Step 3 The Authority processes the application, and with all correct issues the License.
Step 4 Receive the permit same day, offices are located in the same building





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NameMeasure TypeAgencyDescriptionCommentsLegal DocumentValidity ToMeasure Class
Import / Export of SeedsPermit RequirementMinistry of AgricultureThe Seed Quality Control Services is an agency under the Ministry of Agriculture that regulates and controls seed production, sale, import and export of seed in Eswatini. The SQCS plays a roll in checking and validating any application made to the Department of Agricultural Research & Specialist Services for import and export of plant and plant products where they relate to seed.The Seed And Plant Varieties Act 200009-09-9999Good