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Procedure NameSARPCCO Clearance Certificate for Exporting Personal Motor Vehicles



Responsible Agency       

The Royal Eswatini Police Service

Address: Inter-ministerial Building                     
                 Block 8 Level 1

                 Mbabane, Swaziland

Phone: (+268) 2404 2502


Legal base of the Procedure

Theft of Motor Vehicle No. 16 of 1991


 SZL 70 


Required Documents


Type of information

1 Vehicle Registration Certificate. Owner should bring the motor vehicle when applying for SARPCCO. 

Personal Identification document. 

They fill in a request form for clearance at the Police Headquarters. 
3 Filled in copy of the TF131 found at Revenue offcices.  


Payment receipt. 



Process Steps

Step 1

The Applicant goes to the Revenue offices, fills in the TF131 form and makes payment of the SZL 70 process fees. 


Step 2

The applicant then goes to the Police Headquarters with the motor vehicle to be exported and supporting documents, and fills in a request form for clearance. (The clearance form includes details of the vehicle and when it will be exported). 

Step 3 The Applicant submits the the application form with all supporting documents requested and presents the car for inspection.  
Step 4 The receiving officer then processes the application and inspects the motor vehicle.   
Step 5  If all requirements are met, details are then updated in the system.  
Step 6

The SARPCCO clearance certificate is then signed, stamped and issued to the applicant. A SARPCCO Clearance certificate has a 90-day validity.

Step 7 A copy of the approved application and related information are filed for record keeping.   




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SARPCCO Clearance Certificate for Personal Motor Vehicle ExportsPermit RequirementThe Royal Eswatini Police ServiceThis process represents the procedure for obtaining a SARPCCO clearance certificate which is required to register a vehicle being exported from the Kingdom of Eswatini. The permit is in the form of a formal document (serialized with a prescribed format). The regional trading countries under SADC require that an export of a vehicle must be cleared from the National Police Service – Interpol before the exportation.The certificate is obtained from the Regional Police Clearance Offices after review and processing of formal application made at the Police headquarters in Mbabane. The permit has a validity period of 90 days from date of issue and must be used once for each consignment. Upon meeting all application requirements; the permit is issued and delivered on the same day of application. A charge of SZL 70 is applied to the processing of the certificate. The Theft of Motor Vehicle Act, 199109-09-9999Good