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Procedure NameExport for Live Animals and Animal Products/ Health Certificate


Import Permit

Responsible Agency       

Ministry of Agriculture
Address: The Director of  Veterinary and Livestock Services

P.O. Box 162

Mbabane, Eswatini

Phone: Headquarters - 2404 6363

Manzini Veterinary Offices – 25052270

Mbabane Veterinary Office – 24045776

Nhlangano Veterinary Office – 22077151/22078368

Siteki Veterinary Office – 23434268/23434272

Legal base of the Procedure

 Animal Disease Act No. 7, 1965. 


 SZE 30 per permit, with a SZE 10 charge only for live animals. 


Required Documents


Type of information

1 Import permit  

Location of animals


Mode of transportation and route



Process Steps

Step 1

Submission of require documents for the application for a health certificate. The applicant is interviewed by the veterinary officer for completion of application form.


Step 2


The veterinary is informed by the import permit from the importing country on the requirements one is expected to comply with. In order to comply with the import permit, there may be a variety of assessment including inspection, quarantine, vaccine and testing. 

       Legal measure bases:

  1. Importation of stock - Reg 6.3 ADA
  2. Conditions and applications for importation – Sect 22 (11 – 14) VPH Act
Step 3

Once all the import permit requirements are met, the health certificate is produced.


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