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Procedure NameImport Permit for Explosives


Import Permit 

Responsible Agency       

Ministry of Natural Resources & Energy
Address: Geological Survey and Mines Building

Phone:+268 2404 4330


Legal base of the Procedure

Explosives Act of 1961


 SZL 1000 for issue of the Import Permit


Required Documents


Type of information



Application Letter

application is made in free form letter

Process Steps


Step 1

The applicant prepares the application letter

Step 2

The applicant submits the application with supporting documents to the department reception.

Step 3

The Technical Officer reviews the application,

- if satisfied issues Payment Slip

-if not satisfied returns application to applicant
Step 4 The applicant collects the payment slip  
Step 5 

The applicant makes payment at the Revenue Office, receives Receipt

Step 6 

The applicant returns to the Technical Officer and delivers the payment receipt as proof of payment

Step 7 

The Technical Officer prepares the permit,

Step 8 

AO signs and stamps

Step 9 

Proceeds with customs import formalities.

Step 10 

A copy of permit is filed by the department 




The following form/s are used in this procedure
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This procedure applies to the following measures
NameMeasure TypeAgencyDescriptionCommentsLegal DocumentValidity ToMeasure Class
Import Permit for ExplosivesPermit RequirementMinistry of Natural Resources and EnergyOnly registered and licenses importers can import explosives and in Swaziland there is just the 1 importer/distributer whose storage facility (magazine) must be inspected and approved prior to registration, while the vehicle used to transport the explosives must also be approved before issue of the permit. At time of entry of the explosives in to Swaziland, the vehicle must further be escorted by the Police and therefore coordination is required with the Royal Swaziland Police.Any person convicted of an offence against the Regulations who holds a licence or permit issued in pursuance of such Regulations shall be liable, in addi-tion to any other punishment, to the cancellation of his licence or permit or to a suspension thereof for such period as the court thinks fit.Explosives Act of 196109-09-1999Good