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Transit Permit for Plant and Plant Products from Country A to Country AApplicant needs import permit of destination country. Some importers may use clearing agents. For plants not in Eswatini Gazette, applicant must apply to the Seed Department first, of which certain conditions must be met before approval,
Phytosanitary Certificate for Re-Export of Plants and Plant ProductsThis certificate is issued to ensure that plant and plant material are free from pests before they can be re-exported from Eswatini from one country to another. Some importers may use clearing agents.
Import/Export Permit For Precious Stones or MetalsProcedure for issuing Licences To Export And Import Precious Metals/Stones;
Cannabis export/import license A licensed producer who wishes to import or export cannabis shall, upon payment of fees specified in the First Schedule, submit an application to the Authority in terms of Section 3 the Opium and Habit- Forming Drugs Act .37 1922.
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