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Export ShipmentThis is a basic process of how to export goods (also known as shipment).
The Fumigation CertificateThe treatment certificate can be a fumigation certificate or chemical treatment certificate. These treatments are not limited to wooden handicraft, but cut across a wide range of forest products. The requirement for a FC depends on the importing country.
Export Permit for Hunting PurposesThis process represents the procedure for obtaining an export permit when one wants to go hunting outside the country.
Allocation for sale of sugarThis procedure is for entities that wish to obtain allocations for selling Eswatini sugar into: Southern Africa Customs Union (SACU), Southern African Development Community (SADC), and the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA).
Renewal Permit for Scheduled Agricultural ProductsThis process represents the procedure for obtaining a permit to transit Scheduled Agricultural Products controlled by NAMBoard.
Cross Border Permit for Vehicles Transporting GoodsIt is applied for annually and is applied to a specific vehicle for transport of any number of consignments. It is typically applied for by owner and operator of the vehicle. The permit is handwritten on serialized pre-printed paper.
Cabotage PermitA cabotage permit is a permit used for foreign registered vehicles to operate in the country.
Inspection of Motor Vehicle for Road WorthinessA person shall not operate a motor vehicle on a public road if such motor vehicle is not in a roadworthy condition. A motor vehicle shall not be operated on a public road unless there is a vehicle roadworthy certificate attesting to its fitness.
Inspection of Motor Vehicle Compliance with Road Traffic and Transportation ActsA motor vehicle must be inspected for fitness of movement.
Import/export Permit of Seeds These are the steps an applicant needs to follow to obtain an Import, Export Permit of Seeds in Eswatini. The SQCS plays a roll in checking and validating any application made to the Department of Agricultural Research & Specialist Services for import an
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