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Stock Quarantine RequestOwners wishing to quarantine animals from outside the country must first apply with the quarantine Master (Veterinary Officer) at Manzini at least a month before the intended date of quarantine. This procedure is a pre-application for the importation of l
Import permit for veterinary drugs and medicinal substancesAll veterinary drugs and medicinal substances entering Swaziland should be registered in accordance with specified “Regulations for Veterinary Drugs and Medicinal Substances Control” under the Animal Disease (Amendment) Act No.2 of 1990.
Import permit for animal feedThe importer is required to acquire a veterinary import permit from regional veterinary offices issued by a veterinary officer
Registration as Explosive ImporterThese are the steps the Applicant should follow when registering as an Explosive Importer
Border inspection for animals and animal productsAnimal products shall not be admitted into Eswatini unless the respective consignment enters Eswatini through the approved border inspection post.
Kimberly Certificate for Import Permit This process represents the procedure for obtaining either an import permit or export Kimberly Certificate for precious stones. Predominantly in Swaziland these permits are obtained for diamonds and gold.
Import permit for Motor Vehicle1. All private/individual applicants may not be allowed to import more than one motor vehicle within a period of (12) twelve months.
Inland Clearance Depot Import ProcedureThis procedure is applicable to all containers received as imports. The procedure does not apply to Container loading procedure.
Import Permit for FirearmsSubject to this Act and any other law, no person shall import, export, purchase or otherwise acquire a firearm or ammunition except under and in accordance with the terms and conditions of a permit. No person shall sell or otherwise transfer — (a) a fi
Permanent Import for Commercial UseProcedural information on the declaration formalities that are applicable when importing goods.
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