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NameProcedure for Certification Audits Stage 1 and 2
DescriptionThis procedure describes a systematic and uniform approach to audit of an Applicant’s Management System in accordance with specified requirements. It applies to Stage 1 and Stage 2 Initial certification audits conducted by MSCS excluding re-certification audits.
CommentsInitial certification audit: Certification audit of a management system which is carried out in two stages- Stage 1 and 2. Stage 1 audit: It is an audit conducted for determining the client's management system documentation, to evaluate the client's location and site-specific conditions and to determine the preparedness for the stage 2 audit. Part of stage 1 audit is carried out at the client's premises. Stage 2 audit: It is an audit conducted at the site(s) of the client to evaluate the implementation, including effectiveness, of the client's management system and establish conformity to the audit criteria through documented requirements, policy, objectives and targets, applicable legal requirements and contractual requirements. Nonconformity (NC): Non-fulfillment of a requirement. Major Nonconformity: A major nonconformity arises when evidence suggests failure to fulfill one or more requirements of the management system standard, or a situation that raises significant doubt about the ability of the client's management system to achieve its intended outputs calling for the early corrective actions within a time frame.
Validity From01-01-2003
Validity To09-09-9999
Technical Code
AgencyEswatini Standards Authority
Created Date2020-08-11 06:51:11
Updated Date2020-08-11 06:51:11
Measure TypeTest Standard
Legal/RegulationThe Standards and Quality Act, 2003
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