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NameProcedure for suspension/ withdrawal/ reduced scope of certification
DescriptionThis procedure is to ensure uniform practices for suspension, withdrawal, and reducing scope of certification.
CommentsSuspension- Temporary invalidation of the statement of conformity for all or part of the specified scope of attestation. Withdrawal- Revocation or cancellation of the statement of conformity. Failure to resolve the issues that have resulted in the suspension within the time established by Management System Certification Scheme (MSCS) results in withdrawal of certification. Reduced scope of certification- Exclusion of that part of the scope of certification not meeting the requirements or when the client has persistently or seriously failed to meet the certification requirements.
Validity From01-01-2003
Validity To09-09-9999
Technical Code
AgencyEswatini Standards Authority
Created Date2020-08-11 05:53:33
Updated Date2020-08-11 05:53:33
Measure TypeTest Standard
Legal/RegulationThe Standards and Quality Act, 2003
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