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Procedure NameImport permit for Motor Vehicle



Responsible Agency       

Eswatini Revenue Authority. 
Address: Portion 419 of Farm 50,

               Along MR103                   
               Ezulwini, Swaziland

Phone: (+268) 2406 4000/ 2406 4050

Fax: (+268) 2406 4001


Legal base of the Procedure

Import Control Order, 1976


Non Applicable


Required Documents


Type of information



Invoice or pro forma invoice of the goods imported with complete description of goods including engine number, VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) number, year of manufacture, letterheads of supplier with contact details including invoice number.

Supporting documents to be determined by the origin of motor vehicle, value of motor vehicle, and the purpose of the motor vehicle.
2 Copy of passport
3 Tax clearance
4 Uncancelled revenue stamps of E1.00 for every E2000
5 Original Export Certificate


Process Steps

Step 1

Purchase uncancelled revenue stamps of E1.00 for every Two Thousand Emalangeni (E2, 000) must accompany this application. Application without stamps will not be considered.

Step 2

Application for an import permit shall be made in writing to the Principal Secretary, Ministry of Finance and applications are obtainable from the Ministry of Finance, Office 102, Telephone #: 2404-8145. Contact Person is Mr Malangeni Mhlabane.

Step 3 The Revenue Authority processes the application, and checks for all correct documents; or if rejected by issuing a rejection letter with reason for rejection.
Step 4

On utilization, the Import Permit is to be returned to the address in (a) along with proof of importation of the goods into Swaziland. This should be a copy of the customs bill of entry and Swaziland Customs Form D.




The following form/s are used in this procedure
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Motor vehicle import permit 13-05-202013-05-2020Ministry of FinanceThis is Dowload File
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